Getting “MTConnected”: A Shop-Floor Perspective

Tue. April 25| 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM |

It’s no secret, shop-floor data standard MTConnect has made steady progress in connecting machine tools and other manufacturing assets to applications that monitor, record, display, and analyze performance. The number and scope of these applications is growing exponentially, and significant performance increases are very attainable. Sometimes lost in the glamour of these new insights and capabilities is the “dirty shoes” work required to deliver the MTConnect data streams that feed these applications.

Taking the ever increasing importance of data collection as a given, this session covers machine shop connectivity from the bottom up – the practical efforts and impacts at the factory floor level to retrieve the data. The following topics will be discussed:

• How MTConnect works
• Connecting data from newer “MTConnect ready” equipment
• Connecting to existing CNC machinery
• Connecting non-CNC equipment
• Obtaining data from sensors and inputs
• The user impact and engagement required from several perspectives: plant manager, manufacturing engineer, maintenance, and IT professionals

TechSolve’s VizProducts will be used to illustrate the above, from VizAdapters™ to acquire information, to ShopViz™ and MiniViz® – TechSolve’s asset-monitoring software platforms based on the MTConnect platform.

Type: Knowledge Center Presentations


Pieper, Ron

Pieper, Ron

Manager - VizProducts®