Vacuum Vapor Degreasing – Clean and Safe Option

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When “Clean” Really Counts in Your Process
For many manufacturing processes and quality assurance standards today, “clean” means absolutely free of lubricants, oils and other imperfections. Or, it’s not clean enough, bright enough, smooth enough or ready for finishing. Soils change in metal finishing. Having the right process, equipment, cleaning chemistries and an experienced team of cleaning engineers and technicians is often needed.

Vacuum Degreasing – Clean and Safe Option
Move toward Organic Solvent, Closed-Systems has become an emerging trend in the cleaning technologies and manufacturing industry. And we can understand why, take the Vacuum Degreasing process for example: the entire cleaning operation is conducted under a vacuum to enable continuous distillation/purification of the solvent. The heated liquid solvent is introduced to the cleaning chamber from 1 to 3 reservoirs, allowing for wash, rinse, and RP applications. Baskets of parts placed in the cleaning chamber are able to rotate, or rock to pre-set angles, during the cleaning process. Cleaning mechanics include spray-in-air, spray–under-immersion, and optional ultrasonic cavitation. The final step is drying, during which the vacuum is pulled down to very low levels to flash evaporate solvent from the parts. An optional feature employed in many vacuum degreasing systems is the introduction of hot vapor during the drying step, to enhance drying. The Vacuum Vapor Degreasing process is efficient and safe, while causing minimum harm to the environment.

Key benefits also include:
–Excellent Cleaning for Both Polar and Non-Polar Soils
–Low Surface Tension & Continuous Removal of Contaminants from tight geometries
–Minimal Emissions and Minimal Exposure Under Vacuum
–No Water to Drain

No water required for washing or rinsing
–Not a HAP
–Lower Operating Costs (Also Green)
–Lower Energy and Chemical Consumption
–Reduces Human Exposure

Answering the needs of engineers in all fields including military, automotive, telecommunication, aerospace, and medical devices, KYZEN Corporation offers modern vacuum degreasing cleaning chemistries that meet our customers’ needs for safe, environmentally acceptable solvents for their most critical cleaning applications.

Visit the Knowledge Center at PCx to learn how Vacuum Degreasing and employing Hydrocarbon and Modified Alcohol can help you achieve a better outcome in your parts cleaning!

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Sexton, Chuck

Sexton, Chuck

Global Product Line Manager